There is a new energetic Dynamic Duo on the air, former King of Radio Jimbo and his charming wife Jackie! Each week Jimbo and Jackie use their electric chemistry to violate your earholes and bring you a uniquely entertaining show. The rock n’ roll couple are each on their 3rd marriage to each other, so the stories are never dull!! Pour yourself a Chamskey, kick up your feet, and get ready to laugh with The Jimbo & Jackie Show: 3rd Times a Charm!


Lady and The Tramp: Episode 29
Hold on for one of the most entertaining episodes yet! Everyone’s favorite Dynamic Duo open with an eyelash trend that needs to just stick to runway fashion, (Sorry Miss Jackie!) The fun continues with 3 words you can’t pronounce correctly, can anyone really pronounce worchestire sauce correctly? If so, we want to meet you.

This weeks Yelp Sex Position is the Hot Dog & the Pretzel which ends with the duo eating a hot dog ala Lady and The Tramp Style, it’s one for the books! Pop an adult popsicle and be ready to hear Jim play surprise mailman to a fan!

Time to Move On: Episode 28
Out with the old and in with the new! The Dynamic Duo sold their home and are getting ready to start the next chapter of their lives. While packing up the house, they have come across some old memories: some fond and some not so fond. It happens with every move, right?
This week’s 3 things will have you questioning where you would go back to the future! Don’t forget the weekly Yelp Sex Position that will have you going into overdrive. Pour a chamskey and let’s violate those earholes!!
The Stork is Coming!: Episode 27
There are 27 things to be grateful for with Episode 27: The Dynamic Duo are going to be first time grandparents! With that being their Weekly High, the energy this episode is electric! Jimbo and Jackie discuss what they’d like to be called by their new grandkiddo, Grandbo anyone?! The fun continues with three things that “give you the big O” and the surprise Wide Wide World of Web find that Jackie surprises everyone with. Tune in and let “Amos & Hanna” violate your earholes!!!
Stand-Up Comedian Eric Blake: Episode 26

Jimbo and Jackie are at it again with another hilarious episode! Their Weekly High is sure to be one of yours as well — Jim dressed up as the Tooth Fairy posing for photos next to his daughter sleeping and leaving a glitter trail! The Dynamic Duo also discuss their Top 3 Toys getting inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame and we’re sure you’re never going to look at bongos the same way again…

The special guest this week is Comedian and Good Friend Eric Blake. Eric discusses early stand-up life, ghostwriting for famous comedians (like Kevin Hart), and the continuous hustle of comedic life. Sit back and get ready to laugh until your stomach hurts with this trio!

Live Podcast at Lake Alice: Episode 25

The King of radio is back! This week’s fan filled LIVE episode took place at local Inland Empire watering hole Lake Alice. The Dynamic Duo brought out long time friend and former host of KCAL 96.7FM, The Morning Stiffy Stu-Man! This episode is full of laughs, walks down memory lane, and Jimbo reading Stu a bedtime story. Pour yourself an adult beverage, kick back, and enjoy this hilarious trio!

Karaoke Dreams Gone Wrong: Episode 24

Coming off a live podcast, Jimbo and Jackie have an episode full of hilarious stories. Their Weekly High & Low might both be in regards to karaoke but for two very different reasons! Let’s just say we’re glad a mediator got involved during this Labor Day Kick-off party!

The Dynamic Duo each have a great top 3 biggest lies they ever told and they’re ready to show you how to “Row Row Row Your Boat!” Pour that Chamskey and listen in to all the fun!

The Impossible Whopper Challenge with Reporter Peter Larsen: Episode 22

Jimbo and Jackie are back from Cabo with some hilarious memories from Mexico. The duo also has a new Top 3 this week – things they’ll never do again. Spoiler alert: Jackie wins that discussion!!

This week the Dynamic Duo welcome Peter Larsen, Pop Culture & Entertainment Reporter for the SoCal News Group. Larsen has covered some impressive events like the Oscars, Emmys, Superbowl, Coachella, and now Jimbo & Jackie! The trio talk journalism, some of Larsen’s favorite events, and do the Whopper Challenge: who can tell a real Whopper vs. the vegan substitute. 

 Teacher turned two time American Ninja Warrior: Episode 21
Former teacher turned two time American Ninja Warrior, Jennifer Burdis, shares a story based on motivation and mindfulness. The “EduNinja” overcame life long dyslexia to become a teacher and writer. Jennifer’s motto is just by adding more movement, health, and mindfulness to your day will make your life that much better.
Dom P Champagne Dreams & Base Jumping :Episode 20

The Dynamic Duo are saying “CHEERS” to Episode 20! After many episodes of laughs, guests, top lists, and drinks – Jimbo and Jackie ring in Episode 20 with World Famous base jumper, sky diver, and inventor Taylor Cole! Entering the studio on a giant unicycle, you know his chemistry will be the perfect match for Jimbo and Jackie! It doesn’t hurt that the duo polished off two bottles of Dom P for some free flowing hilarity.

Die hard Minnesota Viking fan Jimbo interviews Matthew Hatchette :Episode 19
 Jimbo and Jackie “let the games begin” with another episode filled with your favorite segments. From family ocean shenanigans, to Jimbo reading an angry mother’s rant about “single people” ruining Disney World in Tiff’s Diary voice, to confirming why not having HR is a good thing at the studio. DIe hard Minnesota Viking fan Jimbo gets to interview Matthew Hatchette, former wide receiver from the Vikings for 6 seasons. Matthew talks candidly about being in the NFL and life after football with The Dynamic Duo. Make you Chamskey and get ready for some laughs!
Worst Field Trip EVER :Episode 18

After returning from a trip to Rhode Island, the Dynamic Duo claim the “Worst Field Trip EVER” after visiting a “unique” butchery with the stench from…you catch the drift. The duo loved Rhode Island but are glad to be back with plenty of hilarious stories! A night out at the beach ends with Jimbo on stage playing an inflatable air guitar and rockin out with that infamous hair. Jackie models a fishnet unitard that didn’t quite make it through a “Find a Penny” evening. Don’t forget that no episode is complete without Jackie’s Southern Sayins, Weekly Highs and Lows, and the most hilarious video from the internet yet!! Pour your chamskey and get ready to have those ear holes violated!

WWJJD – The Rhode Island Edition :Episode 17

Jimbo and Jackie are on the road with their first remote podcast in Rhode Island! There is a whole new crowd to hype up and get on the Chamskey bandwagon!

This week has a new segment: What Would Jimbo and Jackie Do If Tom Brady Were At The Bar!! The WWJJD question will have you buckled over laughing! The Dynamic Duo also share their newfound love of Rhode Island and introduce the Chambong to this East Coast Crowd. So sit back, buckle up, and let them violate your earholes in Rhode Island!

Game Show Dreams and Phil Hurley Creator of the Adult Popsicle Slim Chiller :Episode 16

Time for another episode to violate your earholes! Play along with your own Weekly Highs and Lows — or “come on down” to find out what game show the duo were on. Wait, Jackie won an all expenses paid trip to Belize?!

This week Phil Hurley, creator of the Slim Chiller is on with the Dynamic Duo, and it will give you anything but brain freeze. Pour yourself a Chamskey or grab an “adult otter pop” because this week Jimbo & Jackie are going to have you running to Costco ASAP! Don’t forget to Subscribe so you never miss any of the action.

A Reunion of The Morning Stiffy :015
It’s the reunion of The Morning Stiffy with Stu, Tiffany, Jimbo and Jackie! Pop the cork, pour yourself a Chamsky, and get ready to crack up with this group. Jackie has a crazy story about Jim and 4 hobos, Jimbo raids the Lexus dealership fridge, and there’s another Yelp sex position testimonial! Stu, Tiffany, and Jimbo bring back the bedtime story, their top 3 time travel stories, and fan favorite: Tiffany’s Teenage Diary!!!!
Jimbos Surprise Birthday Party!! :014
Grab your chambong, champagne and whiskey because we’re celebrating Jimbos birthday!!  In this episode they talk about Jimbo’s surprise party bus to the suits in Dodger Stadium and the shenanigans that went on. They also discuss they’re top 3 posters of all time where Jackie see’s a resemblance between Jimbo and Andy Gibb?? Aslo history of our relationship and they break a leg on the yelp sex positions! Tune in to the most positively positive podcast on planet earth!!!
Jimbo And Jackie Go Balls Out In Palm Springs :013
In this episode Jimbo gets invited to Jackie’s 20th annual girls weekend in Palm Springs. They talk about the cons of making whoopee outside by a palm tree, getting you nuts examined by Jackie’s friend Dr. Kelly, and Jackie ripping it up on stage. Also, they go back in the history of their relationship when they got super baked by eating an edible without reading the directions. Grab your chambong and load them up with a champsky and listen to the Jimbo and Jackie Show 3rd Times a Charm
Planes, Cars, and Chambongs :012
LOOK! IT’S A BIRD, IT’S A PLANE…NO ITS JACKIE!!! In this episode Jackie was jet setting with her girls in a private jet to sin city Las Vegas, as she tells us about her girls trip and a scare in the air. Jimbo had his own field trip to the L.A.P.D/L.A.F.D Car show where Jimbo almost made it to 3rd base with an elderly admirer and to top off the weekend, had a chance to bring up the band P.O.D!!!!!! Grab your chambongs and Champskis and tune in to episode 12!!!!!!
Jimbo Snaps a Pic!! :011
Make sure your flash is on, because Jimbo has his photographer hat on. On this episode we will Jimbo and Jackie discuss the history of their relationship when Jimbo sent a pic of big Jim and the twins to the wrong person. As they hit the Chambong they discuss the sexiest places for tattoos on the body, and lots more!!! Grab your glass of Chamsky and hang out with us. 
Welcome to Jimbo and Jackie’s Top Gun Flight School: 010
Grab your spandex and flight jackets, because Jimbo and Jackie are taking you to Top Gun Flight School!!!! Join us as we talk about our weekend at the 11th annual Hanger 24 Airfest, our favorite video games, and our Yelp sex position segment. Grab your Chambong and join us on episode 10!!!! 
Viva Las Field Trip!: 009
On this episode of the Jimbo and Jackie show, hear all about their weekend in Vegas (J-I-M-B-O), Jimbo’s brush with death at a Dodger game, and how many ingredients are in a McNugget?!?
Let’s Talk About Sex Baby. Let’s Talk About Jimbo and Jackie: 008

Grab your champskis!🥂 The Jimbo and Jackie Show, is the ultimate podcast about a marriage that is full of surprises. 3rd times a charm…and boy, does it show!!

Positivity Is Key: 007

It’s finally here! Episode 7 of positively the most positive podcast on planet earth 🌏

It’s Never Just 1 Drink: 006
Jimbo and Jackie recount on the evening that was filled with Game of Thrones whisky, karaoke, and drunken tongue twisters! Join them for some drunken field trips and remember: THIRD TIMES A CHARM!
The Jimbo and Jackie Show: 005
Big things are happening on The Jimbo and Jackie Show! We never stop learning here on the show.  You have to really see our YouTube channel to see our field trip! Side Bar in Downtown Fullerton is where Mama take us.  You gotta see it to believe it. 
The Jimbo and Jackie Show: 004
Celebrating life with a Shamsky and episode 4! Jimbo and Jackie share how they first met at Chuck E Cheese and had their first beers together and surely not the last. Jackie gets artsy fartsy with her poem “3rd Times a Charm”.
The Jimbo and Jackie Show: 003

It’s a wild episode 3 folks! Hold on to your hats cause Jimbo and Jackie are gonna take you on a ride. 

The Jimbo and Jackie Show: 002
If you want the most positive, most fun, and most energetic podcast east of the 55 freeway. Join this California “Power Couple”; Jimbo and Jackie. They have figured out how to make 50 and older rock in this midlife crisis world we live in while raising 7 kids. Join in and listen for family fun and you’ll learn to not be 50 and fuukt. So tune in, pour yourself an adult beverage and enjoy the journey of how you can make your 50’s rock!!!
The Jimbo and Jackie Show: 001
If you want the most positive, most fun, and most energetic podcast east of the 55 freeway. Join this California “Power Couple”; Jimbo and Jackie. They have figured out how to make 50 and older rock in this midlife crisis world we live in while raising 7 kids. Join in and listen for family fun and you’ll learn to not be 50 and fuukt. So tune in, pour yourself an adult beverage and enjoy the journey of how you can make your 50’s rock!!!
The Jimbo and Jackie Show- 3rd Time’s A Charm

Guess who’s back? Jimbo’s back! Get ready to get your earholes violated. 3rd time’s a charm. 

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